The difference between marketing and advertising

Before we get into this week’s episodes, I have some exciting announcements! First, I am hosting a marketing bootcamp on April 1st at 12 pm EDT! This event will be 100% virtual! We’ll focus on how to take control of your marketing and fill your schedule with clients who are happy to pay what you are worth. Below there’s a link to join the waitlist. For the first 25 people that register (registration opens March 22nd at 9am), you get a few freebies which includes 30 social media canva templates, three months of social media calendars and a customizable checklist & plan for events! If you’re on the waitlist, you get the first access to register! Next, I put out Marketing 101: Turning on your google machine while stop worrying and over relying on veterinary referrals last week. Download that PDF below and let’s make 2023 your year!

After becoming an expert in business and marketing in canine rehabilitation over the last 6 years, I slowly realized this trend that people in our field would ask about marketing strategies in different forums and the answer that they would get would be actually mostly about advertising. So what is the difference? In a nutshell, advertising is getting the word out about your canine rehab business and expecting pet owners to get in touch with you when they need your services. Marketing is getting patients on your schedule who are happy to pay what you’re worth. To hear more detail on the difference between marketing and advertising, listen to the full episode!

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