How to leverage Google in your Canine Rehab Business with Kristen Smith

We have officially wrapped up our series of interviews with students that I have worked with through the years and the feedback has been great! Next week we’re going to release the “your questions answered” episode so this is your last chance to ask questions anonymously that you want the answers to!

This week I sat down with Dr. Kristen Smith who is a DPT like myself but also an expert in Google! Kristen and I met back in 2018 and now it’s been more than four years that we’ve been working together! Kristen searched for answers on how to bring in clients/new patients while in PT school and doing clinicals and when the answer she kept getting was to “not worry about it, that’s not your job”, she decided to search for her own answers. She was fascinated in the way a consumer's mind works and the journey they go through to end up at a certain clinic.

Google is a platform where people go in order to get answers. When something is wrong, they ask Google first. Kristen suggests always starting with a free Google my business account and then creating ads as appropriate since ads are where you’re paying to be in front of people. Not sure if ads are for you? Kristen goes into detail about the competition in the canine rehab field around ads, how they can work for your business, where Google falls into your marketing strategy and much more. To learn how Google can work for your canine rehab business, listen to the full episode!

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