Building a canine rehab business that fits your lifestyle with Josh Hall

Over the next few weeks, we have a series of interviews with students of mine. It seems like sometimes we create a false belief that we cannot do this or that because we don’t understand that much about business or marketing or whatever it is that we tell ourselves. The hope is to inspire you with these interviews to see that you can do anything! This first interview is with Josh Hall of Salt Lake Animal Physical Therapy.

“I found PT because I wanted to help people. After about four years and doing business coaching, I started a cash based human practice that was doing great. I met Francisco in a group that I was in and always thought about making the switch to canine. At some point I took the leap and my canine practice is more profitable than my human one was although that isn’t the main goal. I love working with animals who love you unconditionally”. Said Josh during his guest interview. Learn more about Josh’s journey and Salt Lake Animal Physical Therapy by listening to the full episode!

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