How to develop a marketing strategy

As you evolve as a business owner you know you've been successful when you switch your thinking from the “work you have to do” towards “who will help you get that work done”, and “how that will take place”. For example, let’s talk about marketing. This is the time of the year where we all think about the goals that we want for this year, often in terms of numbers like revenue or number of sessions, and canine rehab therapists often think that now is the time to focus on marketing to generate more business.

Think for a minute though, what if your marketing plan doesn’t yield the results you were expecting? Whenever marketing isn’t working, the temptation is to think the issue is with the process on how we are doing our marketing (social media, google etc.). But, the truth is that strategy will always trump processes, and we need to keep in mind what we are trying to get from our marketing plan. Remember that the #1 goal of marketing is simply to start the conversation and get people to take the next step in their relationship with you. If marketing is bringing in qualified leads, are you willing to play the long game with them? Do you know the difference between strategies and processes in relation to your marketing? Listen to the full episode to learn more!

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