How to go from surviving to thriving as a canine rehab business owner

Today we’re going to talk about how to go from just surviving to actually thriving as a canine rehab business owner. What I've learned over time is that our business will only grow as far as we grow as a person and as a leader. The moment that we hit a plateau with our personal growth, we will hit a plateau in our business as well. That does not mean that we need to constantly have a mindset around growing. I’ve had to learn that sometimes it's ok to slow down. It's ok to take time to re energize and focus before making growth steps.

A lot of people preach the go go go mindset and that’s where we have to be very mindful. What worked for me was scheduling breaks, time to think and time to relax. When you’re on those breaks, let your mind go as well instead of worrying what’s going on. We go through three different phases when we’re managing our business and our role within the business. Surviving, striving and thriving are the three phases. At the beginning, we need to go through the surviving phase but the real issue comes when we stay in that mode especially during stressful times.

Striving is where we leave the survival mentality and we start seeing the good in life and the positive in people. Thriving is when everything is going right for us and going well all around. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about the three phases, how to work through each one and when it’s appropriate to move onto the next phase.

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