Creating a Minimalist Practice with Megan Kelly

In this episode of TheK9PT Academy podcast, Dr. Maia discusses how to create a minimalist practice without taking shortcuts. This is an interview where Dr. Maia guested on The Veterinary Rehabilitation Podcast in an episode titled “Are you charging enough for your Services?” hosted by Dr. Megan Kelly and originally taking place in 2021. Dr. Maia comes from a manual therapy and exercise-based therapy background and applied this focus to his own canine rehabilitation clinic. Starting out as a mobile business meant he needed to go back to his roots and utilize more manual therapy techniques instead of having all the bells and whistles.

The results proved that it wasn’t necessary to have all the cutting-edge equipment. The focus is put on teaching pet parents how to exercise with their pets every day, not just once a week when they come into the clinic. It’s important for the owners to learn the exercises in the clinic with practitioners, that way they can feel comfortable and empowered to do those exercises at home. For Dr. Maia and staff, the pet owner is part of the team and invested in continuing treatment at home.

From the business side of things, a minimalist practice is also advantageous for your bottom line. It helps keep costs streamlined and makes it easier to find a location when setting up your clinic. In terms of the disadvantages surrounding having too many modalities, there are certain drawbacks. Aside from the cost, scheduling equipment can be difficult. It can also greatly impact client compliance and be costly to market. Results are what matter, not a clinic full of fancy equipment.

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