Abundance Mindset

In today’s episode of The K9PT Academy Podcast, host Dr. Francisco Maia explains what this podcast will be about, who it’s for, and to discuss business ownership and having an abundance mindset. Dr. Maia was born in Brazil and as a soccer player growing up, Francisco became very interested in human anatomy and how the body works. After obtaining his degree as a Doctor of Physical Therapist, Francisco heard about canine rehabilitation and took the training to become certified to do just that. Francisco never wanted to be a business owner, but a variety of circumstances led towards that journey. Now Francisco runs a successful clinic and mentors other canine rehabilitation therapists in how to open their own businesses. This came about when he decided he wanted to do things a different way from the other clinics. He had a vision for what his treatment should look like and how to empower pet parents to help their pups heal. TheK9PT began as a mobile business in 2017, and it wasn’t smooth sailing from the start. It Became a journey of self-education and self-reflection regarding business practices and trial and error in his business. Now, TheK9PT is a 2500-square foot facility with 9 staff members. Francisco made his business into something that he enjoys in life rather than waiting for something that he enjoys coming to him. Having an abundance mindset is key to success in any business. We are all running our own race and we all have our own business and lifestyle goals. Despite these differences, we can all benefit from each other's success. Helping so-called competitors grow their business also helps educate the community about canine rehabilitation and only increases the client pool for everyone. We all have something to contribute and through collaboration we can improve the industry and increase access to care. Contact: [email protected] www.k9ptacademy.com