TheK9PT Academy is evolving and will now be an "umbrella" for many different programs for canine therapists. Different programs will help different people along their journey, but one program will stand above them all for those who want more...


The Mindset & Business Incubator for Uncaged K9 Therapists!

How is this program any different?

The Incubator program is the long-term solution to help you grow a business in animal rehabilitation that fulfills what you want for your life, both personally and professionally. It doesn't matter how big or small or business is, if you have just started with some clients or you even have some staff already, ultimately owning a business is about that business fitting your lifestyle, and not the other way around. 
I have been on this journey since September 2017, and over the last couple of years we saw the biggest growth in the business despite the economic and COVID crisis. Why was that? How did we make that happen? Well, that didn't happen by chance. It happened because I was actually building a business towards that goal. No, I didn't know a crisis was going to happen, but what I mean is that I invested a lot of energy, money, and time into learning how to grow a business that was more than just me. A business that when needed was able to rely on a team and systems, in that order, to not only survive but grow despite any odds. And yes, emphasis "on that order" because you can't run systems without people.
Can you make through this journey on your own? Potentially, but it will take a much longer time and you will go through a lot of mistakes that could be avoided along that journey. That is why I mentioned this is the "long-term solution" to help your business, because this is a marathon and not a sprint. There are mentors who I have been working with for almost 4 years at this point and I am not planning on stopping learning anytime soon... why? Because it was through their guidance that I was able to achieve in just a few years what most canine rehabilitation businesses achieve in 10-15 years - or if they ever achieve to be honest. That won't come easy, and it will take a lot of resiliency and relentlessness, but I will be here to help you achieve your goals faster while avoiding so many mistakes and headaches. 

The Incubator is about accelerating you to the top of the pyramid – and helping you create and sustain your canine rehabilitation business. One that does not rely on veterinary referrals... One that that can bring you the joy of working with animals while still making MONEY... One that will fit YOUR lifestyle, and not the other way around. 

What is included with your enrollment?

Based on your feedback, I have kept this program as simple as possible:

  • Bi-monthly group calls with Francisco focusing on one main topic that will move your business forward along with an open group Q&A to help you solve whatever problem you have going on during that time (side note: we started these calls back in January 2021, and once you join you will have access to dozens of hours of previous content and will always have access to those as long as you remain a member of the program)
  • A 30-minute individual coaching call with Francisco per month to go through YOUR individual problems and help YOU move forward 
  • An Online Private Mastermind Group  - The Incubator for Uncaged K9 Therapists - available only for active members of this program
  • Weekend Retreats! Taking 1-2 days away from family and business, while surrounding ourselves with likewise individuals, is absolutely needed to grow. But, I wanted to keep this program as simple as possible! We will host 3 retreats per year and only members of this program will have access to it. It will be a separate cost (see FAQs below) because not having it included will give us more flexibility in case you can't join us for a particular weekend, so I would say Retreats won't be included but will be available for members of this program
  • Exclusive discount on future programs available only for members of this program. As I mentioned at the top, TheK9PT Academy will offer a variety of programs as we grow and help more people in our field. Some programs might interest you and some might not, but as a member of The Incubator program you will only pay a fraction of the cost for any program (see FAQs below)
  • BONUS!!! Will there be bonus content available only for members of this program? ABSOLUTELY! To be honest, I just don't know at this time what that will entail as the group grows, but if you have worked with me then you know that I don't hold back on sharing content and systems that I have developed to grow my business, so if something I have built can help you not having to start things from scratch then you bet I will provide that content to you!

And, perhaps what some of you might find the most helpful:

* ‘911’  Access to Francisco - if a major problem, challenge or issue comes up, contact him directly. Truth is my FB messenger and email inbox is always getting full of people in our field asking for my advice, but as I have gotten busier I had to start been selective about getting back to everyone. As a member of The Incubator I will always get back to you ASAP for those urgent matters that can't be handled in our calls or community group. 

What do I need from you?

This Program is only available for students who have worked with me before because it is not an entry-level program. I will offer other programs for those people and afterwards they will be able to join this community, but I am setting up specific guidelines and criteria to make sure that this community always offers the highest level of coaching, community, and accountability available in the field of animal rehabilitation.  

For those who join, this experience will completely revamp how your business is run and help you finally get your dream business off the ground. What do I ask from you? A 100% COMMITMENT and DEDICATION to implement what it will be taught. I know this shit works, but it will only work if YOU are willing to get UNCOMFORTABLE and stop with the freaking EXCUSES that are holding you back. I also ask for RESILIENCY because you will get knocked down along your journey, but what will matter the most will be how quick you get up to fight another battle. 


My job as your mentor is not to tell you what you WANT to hear, but to tell you instead what you NEED to hear. That might be uncomfortable at times, and it might not be the answer that you were looking for, but my ultimate goal is to foster INDEPENDENCY so over time you start to need me less and less. You read that correctly! My goal is to help you get to a point that you won't even need me to guide you, but you will see how much value you have out of this program and the community that you will never want to leave. That sounds crazy, right? How many mentors out there would want you to not need them anymore at some point? Well, that will be my goal for each and everyone. 


One of the biggest lessons I learned through this journey was that is not only about WHAT you achieve, but even more important is HOW you do so. Are you been ethical and staying true to your values and beliefs on your way to the top? Are you using your position of success and leadership for a greater cause? Are you living life to your full potential and been your true self?

That for me is more important than anything else! If you believe that we should separate our businesses from our personal lives then please do not apply. If you are afraid that mixing those together will lead you to losing potential clients, and therefore revenue, please do not apply. If you believe that being silent about larger issues within our community is the correct answer to any business owner then please do not apply. If you are not willing to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk, while holding people accountable (including yourself) then please do not apply. 

For me, it is personal when I see different professionals in the field of animal rehabilitation arguing about different things without realizing that we are on this together. If we truly want to put the pets' best interest at first, then we need to acknowledge that a single person does not have the solution, and that we can all contribute to this field regardless if we are PTs/Physios, veterinarians, etc... I wholeheartedly fight for all of us to work together and collaboratively, but that does not mean that we all need to work under the same roof.  That is why I am so proud of what we are building with the Incubator community. We have physical therapists and veterinarians working together to better the field of animal rehabilitation as a whole. We understand our strengths and our weakness, and we understand that together we can achieve much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a live group call?

All calls will be recorded and uploaded to your membership website for you to watch it again or watch the replay if you missed it. 

Will the schedule be consistent for the individual calls so I can schedule and plan in advance?

Yes! For the most part they will take place on our regular date/time every other week barring any changes due to my schedule; however, I will post the upcoming schedule of calls in advance so you can plan accordingly. 

How will the weekend retreats work? How much extra will they cost if I want to participate?

As mentioned before, retreats will be available for members but no included with the membership. Based on the feedback received that was the best way to still offer retreats, which I believe are a key to success, but without having to juggle people's availability for a specific weekend. The additional cost for them will be very reasonable, likely around  $100-$300 for in-person retreats depending on the cost to host them. 

Will I have lifetime access to the community?

You will have access to the community, which for now will take place in a Facebook Group, as long as you have an active membership. 

Will I have lifetime access to the content, including the recorded group meetings?

No, you won't for the same reasons as I have decided that the program will not include lifetime access to the community. You will have full access to the content, including previously recorded calls, as long as you have an active membership. 

Will the cost of the program go up?

Absolutely. Believe me when I tell you that this is the cheapest access you will have to this program. The program will be ongoing, with individuals joining at certain times of the year, usually after they have gone through the Business Accelerator program. You will be able to renew your membership every 6 months at the current rate you had when you joined the program. However, you would be charged a new rate in the future if you leave the program for a period of time and decides to rejoin afterwards. Increasing the rates for new members will be needed as we grow the program into having expanded offers and assistance to you in different areas, which will require me to hire help. 

Why are you asking for a 6-month commitment?

In the past I offered programs that were between 12-16 weeks in length. I have also joined programs that require a full year commitment. For now, as we grow together into this new program and I realize some of you might be skeptic about it, I decided to create enough of a commitment with 6 months because growth takes time but without you feeling too overwhelmed with a 12-month commitment.  


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